The Studio

Crooked Tree Gallery is a custom tattoo studio in the heart of Downtown Evansville, overlooking two of the city's beautiful historic landmarks: the Old Vanderburgh County Courthouse and the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Coliseum. Our second floor walk-up location in the Securitas Building limits foot traffic, allowing us to focus on each individual client with limited distraction. This gives our studio a private, intimate feel that we pride ourselves on.

Though each artist brings a unique aspect to Crooked Tree through their individual style and background, this studio is committed to granting the highest level of service with each client, providing custom artwork, educated advice, and an overall enjoyable experience, while also maintaining the highest standards of safety and sanitation.

We are thrilled to be the ones guiding you through the process of acquiring your new tattoo- whether it's your very first or the next step in a long line of many- and are excited to share our beautiful studio with you. 

The Artists

 instagram: @samanthadarling

instagram: @samanthadarling

Samantha Scott (née Neaveill) was born in Bellflower, California but spent the majority of her life here in the Midwest. She remembers drawing ever since she was old enough to hold a pencil, and has always loved all forms of art. After graduating from Edwards County High School in Albion, Illinois, she moved here to Evansville where she almost immediately fell in love with the art of tattooing and decided to seek out an apprenticeship.

In 2009, she was taken under the wing of Joshua Sutton at Earthborne Studios. In 2011, she followed Josh to Evansville's west side to form The Sutton Tattoo Company. That is not only the place where Samantha established herself as one of the city's friendliest tattooers, but also where she was introduced to her husband and frequent artistic collaborator, Jarred.

Custom lettering tattoos are her specialty, but she enjoys every style of tattooing. Her favorite thing about tattooing is to be able to make her clients happy by bringing their ideas to life.  With the creation of Crooked Tree, Samantha is now looking forward to further developing herself as an artist, traveling to more tattoo conventions, and spending as much time as possible with her family.

When she is not tattooing, Samantha enjoys taking naps, discovering interesting factoids, eating delicious food, and going to flea markets.


 instagram: @jarredscottarts

instagram: @jarredscottarts

Jarred Scott was born here in Evansville, Indiana. Though he spent parts of his childhood in Denver, Colorado, and Galveston, Texas, it was from here that he graduated from North High School in 2000. Some of his earliest memories are of drawing pictures, and he took any and every art class that was available to him.

He started his apprenticeship at Everlasting Impressions in 2004 under Tony Payne, a childhood friend of his. He joined The Sutton Tattoo Company in 2012, where he met his wife , Samantha, and further developed his exceptionally loyal clientele.

Extremely diverse in the styles of tattooing that he can do well, Jarred specializes in anything rich with detail- tending to prefer photo- and hyper-realism with a deep love for organic and bio-mechanical subjects.  With the creation of Crooked Tree, he is now looking forward to honing his craft, creating more fine art, and keeping up with the latest developments in the tattoo industry.

When he is not tattooing, Jarred enjoys building and maintaining saltwater reef aquariums, wrenching on Hondas, spending time with his two daughters, and growing an abundance of facial hair.