Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your studio located?

Crooked Tree Gallery is located downtown in Evansville, Indiana, on the corner of 4th and Court Streets- we are adjacent to the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Coliseum and the Old Vanderburgh County Courthouse. We are inside of the Securitas building, upstairs on the second level.

The GPS says I am here, but I still can't find your studio. Am I in the right place?

You're probably in the right place. Crooked Tree Gallery doesn't have any kind of outside signage or advertisements. You have to actually go in the front door of the brick Securitas building and up the stairs to find our suite.

When are you open?

As a private studio, our hours may vary depending on our scheduled appointments. We are always closed on Sundays and Mondays. Usually, we can be found in the studio on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings and Friday and Saturday evenings. Due to our private, appointment-only nature, our artists might not always be available to talk in-person without an appointment.

Do you take walk-ins?

At this time, we are generally not able to accept clients on a walk-in basis. You can stay informed of any special walk-in events from our artists by following our Facebook page.

What does a 'private studio' mean? How is that different from other tattoo shops?

Many studios have a store-front, traditional atmosphere where clients can walk in at any time to talk about their ideas, set up an appointment, or even get tattooed right then. These studios can be loud and crowded. Our private studio offers a different experience, giving our clients the opportunity to be tattooed with undivided attention and limited distractions. We pride ourselves on the unique experience we can provide for our clients that can't always be found elsewhere.

How old do I have to be to get tattooed?

It is not our policy to tattoo anyone under 16 years of age- please note, however, that we do reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Clients under the age of 18 require special paperwork and the presence of a parent or legal guardian.

How do I make an appointment?

We are currently test-driving a new way to schedule appointments. Please feel free to submit a tattoo request through our Contact page. From there, if our books are open and your idea seems like a good fit for one of our artists, we can schedule a consultation and set up an appointment from there. Please see our Appointment Policy page for more details. 

I submitted a tattoo request through the online form and haven't heard anything back. Did it go through?

Please allow 3-5 business days for a reply to your request before re-submitting another form.

How do I get a price quote?

Please submit a tattoo request through our Contact page.

Is there a minimum?

Yes. Our studio minimum is $100. 

What does it mean when your books are 'closed'?

If our books are closed, that means we are currently unable to schedule new appointments at that given time. We usually schedule out no further than two months in advance. We will announce when our books open up again on our various forms of social media, so keep an eye out! 

I submitted a tattoo request through the online form, and see where it says that I'm not guaranteed an appointment. What does that mean?

Due to our limited hours and busy nature, we have decided to focus on the tattoo projects that we feel would best fit our personal artistic styles and feel a strong desire to do- and these are the projects we will be booking first. However, we absolutely do not want to turn anyone away- we feel so honored that anyone would want to be tattooed at our studio, and will do our best to get everyone in. 

How do Consultation Days work?

On Consultation Day, we set aside the whole day to do one-on-one consultations on a first-come, first-serve basis. When you submit a tattoo request here through our website and it is accepted by one of our artists, we may need to gather more information from you about your idea that is usually best discussed in person. We may ask you come in during our Consultation Day to speak with us, let us do any needed preliminary prep-work, and then schedule your appointment from there.

Do I have to leave a deposit?

Yes. A deposit of anywhere from $20-$100 is usually required to set any appointment. This deposit will come off the price of your tattoo on the day of your appointment. For larger works requiring more than one appointment, the deposit will come of the price of your final session. Please see our Deposit Policy page for more details.

What should I do to prepare for my appointment?

If possible, spend the days leading up to your appointment keeping both your body and skin hydrated - drink lots of water and apply lotion to the area to be tattooed when possible. Get a good night's rest the night before your appointment.

It's best to have some food on your belly before getting tattooed, so we recommend having at least a light meal within the 4 hours leading up to your appointment. For larger tattoos/longer appointments, we recommend bringing a snack with you, as well, in case you start to feel lightheaded (or just plain hungry).

We recommend wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothing to your appointment. Please consider that you will need to allow the artist access to the area to be tattooed during the procedure, so you will need to be dressed appropriately.

When you arrive at the studio, you will have some time to relax in our lobby while you fill out the required paperwork. Make sure that you have a valid, government-issued photo ID card. You will also need another form of identification (something with your name printed on it, as per the health department requirements in Vanderbugh County).

What forms of payment do you guys accept?

Though we strongly prefer cash payments, we can safely and securely accept all major credit cards through Square. We cannot accept checks.

Do you do piercings?

Unfortunately, we do not have a piercer or offer piercing services at Crooked Tree Gallery. We refer all of our clients over to see Christina Tedrow, the Master Piercer at Empire Tattoo Parlor. Empire is located on Evansville's westside at 2107 W Lloyd Expressway (next to the Cross-Eyed Cricket) and their phone number is (812) 550-1301.