Deposit Policy

Unless otherwise stated by the artist, a deposit is required to set a tattoo appointment. The deposit paid comes off the price of the finished piece- for a larger piece requiring multiple sessions, the deposit will come off the price of the final session. DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. In the event of

(1) an artist cancellation/rescheduling: the deposit will be transferred in full to the client's new appointment. 

(2) a client cancellation with prior notice and reschedule: the deposit will be transferred in full to the client's new appointment.

(3) a client cancellation with prior notice, but no reschedule: the deposit will be transferred to the client's new appointment if they reschedule within two weeks of the cancellation- after these two weeks, the original deposit is forfeit and, upon rescheduling, the client will need to put down a new deposit (unless otherwise stated by the artist)

(4) a client misses their appointment with no notice ("no call/no show") or a client is 15 min+ late for their appointment (thus considered a "no show" by the artist): the deposit is forfeit, and any subsequent rescheduling and/or  new appointment made by the client will require a new deposit (unless otherwise stated by the artist)

All designing, consultations, and communication with the artist is included in the price of the tattoo, and our deposit policy is in place to protect the artist's time and artwork. The deposit paid is a guarantee that the client has been precise on what they desire (e.g. style, size, concept, etc.) and is put down at the client's own risk if they do not comply with what is required to complete a successful tattoo.

Artwork Policy

Deposits are not pre-payment for a design and do not buy the artwork. The payment rendered after your appointment does not purchase the artist's original artwork. The artists retain the rights to their custom artwork at all times- the artist is selling you a tattoo of their artwork and not the artwork itself (unless otherwise negotiated by the artist).

An appointment set/deposit paid are the assurance to the artist that the client has booked basked on the knowledge of that artist's reputation/abilities and are comfortable with the information given to them and that the client will receive a tattoo that reflects both the artist's style and the client's desires. If an artist cannot comply to the client's needs as articulated by the client, they do not book the appointment but may be still required to pay a small fee for the artist's time and any artwork rendered. If a client's needs change or were not portrayed clearly at the time of the consultation and the tattoo for that concept cannot be met upon the scheduled appointment, the deposit may be forfeit at the artist's discretion.

DESIGNS ARE NOT REQUIRED TO BE SENT OUT FOR APPROVAL OR MADE VIEWABLE PRIOR TO APPOINTMENTS. As stated- deposits do not pay for the ownership of any design and are therefore not required to be sent out beyond the artist to be viewed, saved, or distributed by any client.

At the time of the appointment, any additions or changes made to the design should be very small and take no more than a few minutes to accomplish if the client was clear with their design wishes upon consulting/booking their appointment and at any other points of communication between client and artist. If any larger adjustments/additions are required of the artist at the time of the appointment, the artist retains the right to reschedule the tattoo appointment for a later date to allow enough time to successfully alter/adjust the design, and the client's deposit may be forfeit.