Booking An Appointment

Open/Closed Booking Process

Our scheduling process generally consists of periods of open booking and periods of time when our books are considered closed- we try to keep our appointments scheduled out no further than two months in advance at any time. We consider our booking an ongoing process until we reach that limit- if we have booked out two full months, we make announcements across various social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) that our books are closed, and announce again when they will be re-opened.

Appointment Request Form

To request a tattoo appointment at Crooked Tree Gallery, please utilize our Tattoo Request form found on our Contact page. This helps us organize our existing and prospective clients with their ideas in a way that is easier to manage and helps streamline the booking process. Once filled out and submitted, you should soon receive an email confirming that we have received your request.

PLEASE NOTE: though this form is always available to fill out, our artists might not always be taking on new projects. If our books are closed and we are not currently booking appointments, you will be notified immediately of this fact in that automated response, along with further information about how to proceed.

If we are actively scheduling appointments at the time of your request, our team will proceed from there with a personalized response to your form submission. 

Consultation Days

During our booking process, we may request that clients come into the studio during designated Consultation Days. Consultations on these days are provided on a first-come, first serve basis. During your visit, you will speak with your artist more in-depth about your ideas, provide any references you may have, and let the artist do any preliminary prep-work needed. At the end of your consultation, you will put down a deposit and schedule your appointment. 

Any client unable to come in during Consultation Day, or requiring a more in-depth consultation with their artist, may be scheduled a one-on-one consultation for a different day.

Leaving A Deposit

A deposit of anywhere from $20-$100 is usually required to set an appointment. Please read our Deposit Policy for more information.